The secret of the STC-Tech is hidden within its microfibers and within the microporous structure of the membrane, coupled with the outer fabric. This fabric has 20,000 mm water column and a water-repellent outer finishing, to ensure maximum performance. Garments in STC­Tech are also seam-taped in critical points, a definitive barrier to water. Only the body steam finds its way out, thanks to the microporous polyurethane membrane which lets the small water vapor particles out, ensuring high breathability values, up to10,000 g/sqm/24hs.


STC-SHELL is a new fabric that combines the impermeability and breathability of the STC-Tech with the features of the Soft-shell. A fabric in three layers which is able to create a unique combination: breathability and elasticity combined with insulation and protection capacity make the fabric an excellent companion to regulate body temperature, protecting from rain and wind. The third layer is a soft bear fleece, that makes the clothing very comfortable and pleasantly warm.


Few textiles can bring out colours as much as our 100% Nylon FASHION 5000 fabric does, and it is now further enhanced providing excellent opacity to the cloth. Together with premium real or faux furs and a bright colour card, this fabric is the perfect choice for glamorous and eye­ catching garments. FASHION 5000 also means performance, ensuring high breathability and 5,000 mm water column, to keep you warm and dry in all weather conditions.


They are to Fashion jackets what glaze is to cupcakes: furs give a sensational touch of class to our jackets, becoming one of the most appealing details. You can wrap them around your neck in a gentle and soft hug. Moreover, our fox furs are provided by suppliers who certify their quality and safe origin.

All fur collars are detachable, so that you can wash your garment easily. If furs are not really your favourite thing, every fashion jacket is also available in two additional versions, without fur or with faux fur.


COLORADO by Carvico is a techno-fabric made of micro-polyamide with an extremely soft and silky hand feel, it fits the body as a second skin, gracefully following every move you make. 100% Made in Italy, brushed, soft and with a perfect fit, this fabric is also UV protective (UPF 50+) and therefore suitable for long-lasting sport activities.


Forget about horrible psychedelic printed fleeces that were so popular in the 90’s despite being a fashion crime.

SPH microfleeces are made with a high-tech fabric that undergoes an anti-pilling treatment and the only thing they kept from their 90’s versions is their comfort and their thermal properties. A clean design, with or without hood, they are sporty with a smart soul. Light-weighted, they are a small bulk in your bag so that you can take them with you anywhere you go.


VUELTA is a 4-way stretch microfiber with excellent breathability that along with bacteriostatic treatment helps natural evaporation of sweat, preventing the proliferation of bacteria that causes odors. This techno-fabric is particularly appreciated when in direct contact with the skin thanks to the fleece lining. Soft, comfortable, easy to maintain and fast-drying, VUELTA, is ideal for any outdoor activities even when the temperatures drop, it is indeed a thin fabric, incredibly warm, as the brushing process to which undergoes creates a protective cushion able to ensure a good thermal insulation.